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About Like Andaman
      About Like Andaman    
"Local friendly services and always do more than is required of you"

Like Andaman Com,. Ltd is a professional local tour operator to arrange Similans and Surins Trips in Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand. 

Official office located at Thaplamu pier nearby the famous Khao Lak with the nice location to go to the Similan islands. Easy to visit us just an hour and a half north of Phuket International Airport in the relaxed and easy going town.

Established in this 2016 registered new branding with Quality improvement Service Team Support, Like Andaman was formed by local professional teams who experienced on Andaman tours over 10 years to present the better options for traveler who feel small group and personal so that you can get the best out of your trip to Similan island or Surin Islands in Thailand.

Although company name is a fresh brand but our team is selected from professional locals who love and well understand on services mind with a warm, friendly service and pride ourselves on prompt, easy to contact for personal communication during the whole booking process.

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HQ Khao Lak:  78/45 Moo 5 Lum Kaen, Thai Muang District, Phang Nga, Thailand 82210

Telephone:     +66 (0)76-453 167          Fax 076453225 
Hotline:          +66 (0)93 780 7667        +66 (0)83 663 4447   

Phuket -Marketing Unit
Telephone:    +66 (0)76-375661-2       Fax. 076-375663
Hotline:         +66 (0)81-4152323     +66 (0)81-4766662   +66 (0)89-6490006

Krabi -Marketing Unit
Hotline:         +66 (0)94 578 0515         


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