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Our Services
  Our Services 

Like Andaman and our staffs provide snorkeling programes around the Similan Islands and Surin islands with various options. With a choice of 1 day trip, 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights available throughout the season we will offer unforgettable experiences on Andaman Ocean Trips to Similans or Surins Island to fit your schedule and budget together.

Our objective is to ensure that every one of our guests leaves our trip with a huge smile and wonderful memories and one day we wish you will come back agian.

For your first contact with us, to the moment you can find our trips and contact us for more details need. Easy accesse and friendly services are our goals.

 Similan Day Trip                            Surins Day trip 

 Similan 2 Days 1 Night                   Surins 2 Days 1 Night

 Similan 3 Days 2 Nights                  Surins 3 Days 2 Nights


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